Greetings from Kentucky!

Hello TWiT Community! Been a long time fan of TWiT for over 10 years! I enjoy The Tech Guy, This Week in Tech, iOS Today, and MacBreak Weekly!

Have always been a “tech geek” and all things related to it. I grew up around broadcasting and programming as my father owned a radio station in Texas.

We appreciate the great folks at TWiT and Leo Laporte! I look forward to participating in this community from time to time!



Hey Brian, thanks for joining us!

Hi Brian,

Welcome to the community and thank you for joining us.

Welcome, great to see you joining the forum! :slight_smile: I found it interesting to read that you’ve been a long time listener but just now decided to join the forum.

It was exactly the same for me and I tried thinking back to what ultimately made me join - but could not remember. I suppose simply one of Leo’s references to it plus the burning need to comment on TWIG or something and a sense that this must be a friendly place. :smiley:

For you, it’s more recent. If I may ask out of sheer curiosity: what brought you through the door? (Not that anyone needed a reason, of course, just wondering.)

Have fun! It truly is a nice place with plenty of friendly, “broad-horizoned”, and knowledgeable regulars from all over the place.

Greetings! Thanks for the warm welcome! I have always enjoyed reading the forums – and specifically when I had an issue or topic that I needed help with! Recently I’ve posted several messages on Mac related forums on Reddit and have really enjoyed the sense of community and help people are willing to give. While watching The Tech Guy this past weekend, at the end of the video podcast, Leo mentioned joining the TWiT Community and I thought, why not!