HDMI specs and output

Hi everyone

So I bought a 27” 4k LG monitor
It comes with HDMI 2high speed DP and usb C cables
Im able to get 4k 60hz from usb c on MacBook Pro
But the HDMI that I’m connecting to my laptop is only pushing 30hz on 4k and i have to use 1440 resolutions
My laptop has a 17” 4k touchscreen with GeForce 940mx but i cant get video from its usb c port at all and hdmi is limited me to 30hz
Is there anyway to fux the issue to push 60 from HDMI or video from usb c port?
My cable should be good enough for that
Thank you

An HDMI Cable, that is tested against the version 1.4 High Speed testing specification (10.2Gbps), will support 4K content @ 30Hz . However, 4K support beyond 50Hz (typically at 60Hz in advanced 4K UHD TVs) can only be supported using an 18Gbps capable HDMI cable (or a v2. 0 HDMI ).

As for the USB C I believe it has to support video over USB C to work that way which I believe is the thunderbolt standard.

So its possible that your USB C on your laptop doesn’t support Video and your HDMI out only supports 1.4.

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Thank you
I believe the cable came with monitor is v2.0
And having a 4k monitor on the laptop itself,
My concern would be if the cable is not what tvey say it is or the HDMI port on the laptop is not capable of OR is not setup correctly
Is there any way to figure it out and eliminate steps one by one to find it out?

I would look at the specs of the laptop either in a user manual or online on the manufacturers website and it should tell you what spec your HDMI and USB C ports are. Could also do the same with the cable if it has any sort of branding. Also make sure the HDMI on the monitor is capable I have seen monitors that would support full specs on 1 or sometimes 2 but not all inputs. Other then looking up specs the only thing I can think of would be if you had something that you knew met the specs and tried hooking it up to see if it worked.


Ok so i found out 7th generation intel core i7 does not support 60hz on hdmi port

And i have a few more concerns as well
Is there any way to make laptop output on dedicated nvidia as main screen on desktop? That might help resole the issue