Trouble getting Thunderbolt/USB-C to DisplayPort working

My work laptop is a HP Elitebook 830 G5 and I am trying to connect the Thunderbolt 3/USB-C port to DisplayPort on my monitor at home with a USB-C to DisplayPort cable. However, whenever I plug it in Windows gives me an unsupported audio adapter message. Anyone have any experience of connecting to DisplayPort with a USB-C cable?

The laptop has a full service USB-C port that has Thunderbolt 3, DisplayPort, Power Delivery, and USB 3. Do I need a specific cable to do what I want? I have updated drivers and Thunderbolt firmware. Have not updated UEFI as the laptop has BitLocker and I don’t want to disable to install UEFI update.

Monitor is an AOC 24G2E5. I’m trying to drive one monitor with HDMI and the other with DisplayPort. At work I have the laptop in a dock running dual DIsplayPort monitors from the dock. USB-C based docks work for DisplayPort too.

I haven’t tried this myself but would displaylink help here?

I thought of that, but would need a different adapter. Would be nice to get the native DisplayPort working.

I’ve had similar experience with HDMI -> DisplayPort and DVI -> DisplayPort, some cables work, some don’t.

Even with the same brand, I’ve had them work on one PC and not on a second. Swapping the cable out solved the problem - sometimes even from the same manufacturer, just a different batch. Some device combinations seem to be overly sensitive to the quality of the cable / converter.

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Yeah, it really is looking to be the cable. Things have changed a bit since I updated the UEFI on the laptop. The monitor is now recognised when I plug in the cable, but still no image.