Monitor for MacBook Pro M1 13" 2020 recommendations?

Greetings, looking for a monitor is becoming more of an issue than one would think. Refresh rates, power, etc. I just purchased a new MacBook Pro M1 13" 2020 from Apple and want to sharp monitor about 27"-32" size. Use is for browsing, finance spreadsheet related, and light photography editing. Any advice would be great. Thank you

What resolution are you looking at? Larger characters (FullHD) or more definition UHD with scaling or a something in the middle that doesn’t need scaling but has more desktop space? What is your budget?

Dell make some good monitors in that class, normal ratios and ultra-wide and you can get them with USB-C connection and they also have a couple of USB-A ports in the back as well. Some also act as true docks, providing power, USB-A, Ethernet etc. over the USB-C connection.

I have a 43" LG UHD display with HDR, which is very nice. It has traditional connectivity, but also USB-C. But it is a big of a monster.

I had iusses using non apple monitors and many HDTVs. So you may have to use an apple monitor.

Apple itself is selling the LG Ultrafine 4K and 5K displays.

iMore just published a review of 4K monitors and a review of alternatives to Apple’s 6K display. Even though Lory and Rene have moved on, iMore is still an excellent source. There’s some discussion about the hubs that are included with some of these monitors. IIRC, John Moltz on Gruber’s Talk Show commented how nice it was to run his 14" M1 Mac Pro with a single Thunderbolt 4 cable to his 4K LG Ultrafine (connecting peripherals to the monitor’s ports).

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