Google Password Manager adding or blending in my girlfriend information

The other day, my girlfriend was using her own Google phone and for whatever reason it prefill with my login information. Vice versa on my phone I was purchasing a subscription and it prefilled my card information but with my girlfriend name instead of mine. I don’t know why this is happening. There is other occurrences of this and I don’t know how to stop it. We have never logged into each other’s phone. Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated!

That sounds really odd. It almost seems like there was a recent log in to access your information on each other’s devices but you said that wasn’t the case. I’ve never actually had that happen. I’ve had a girlfriend use my laptop and phone so much that she had her credentials stored on my phone but I knew that’s why her info was popping up. Do let us know what you find out is the source of this. I’m curious now.

Now that you mentioned a laptop, She has been using my laptop regularly but I don’t know how that would cause this if she logs into her own Google account. If I need to log on I use guest mode.

Well if she uses your laptop frequently its very possible her name and address got saved into chrome for user friendly address fill in. You can actually check this in settings…If it’s just her name and/or address this is probably why. If her passwords are also coming up, she probably somehow managed to merge her passwords in with yours in chrome.

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Chrome has a separate login for password sync, so it seems like she did not log you out of the browser just your Google account.

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I’m inclined to think it could be due to the web browser on the laptop as well. Google’s Chrome browser and websites make it really easy to stayed logged in to an account when a user means to use a different account. I find that Google sort of “defaults” to the Google account you signed into first on a browser and give that account preferential treatment, meaning that a Google property (Gmail, Drive, Photos, Search, etc.) will fall back to keeping you signed into and using that original Google account, such as @Jmillz93 if they were first to sign in on their laptop @Jmillz93’s account even though the girlfriend also signed in using her account. When a different user starts a new browser session and forgets to switch accounts, the Google website or Chrome may default back to @Jmillz93 since they were the first to sign in.

I have several Google accounts that I jump between (my personal one, an account I keep up for volunteer work, social media accounts, etc.) and if I’m not careful I’ll continue to do work in the wrong account because I signed into my volunteer account first in Chrome but signed in to my personal account first on Firefox, and Google will move me back over to the account I signed into on a web browser first even if I’ve signed into both accounts on both browsers.

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