Easy way to login to Chromebook

I updated my Google password to something much harder to brute force, so now I have to look it up on my phones’ password manager so I can login. There is an option to unlock when my phone is near, but I still need to type it in the first time it boots to login.
Is Google forcing people to use easy passwords?

Is there someway to login to ChromeOS using a phone or some other extension? Typing in the complex password is a pain so I find myself just not using the ChromeOS partition.
I am dual booting ChromeOS and GalliumOS on the Chromebook, so I just can’t stay logged in since I use the Linux partition mainly.

No help to offer, but thank you! I had a Chromebook a couple weeks ago for a few days and I changed my Google password to something ‘not so strong’ for the reasons you stated…you reminded me to change it back to something complex :+1::v:


Hi @uteck,

Perhaps you can use LastPass… it should be able to fill the password for you, assuming you are using Android - I say that because I don’t know how well it works on iOS.

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That will not work prior to log in on a Chromebook. He is talking about the log in password (to log into the computer). It is the same password as his google password.


@Mistershipwreck, I see that you are correct. Sorry for my poor powers of observation!

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You could always change your password to a long phrase with a sentence that only you would know. Or a short sentence repeated like: anothertwitisinthecan.anothertwitisinthecan2B


Isn’t there PIN unlock and smart unlock where you can use a paired Android phone?

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He mentioned the phone unlock feature. But according to him above, you still have to type the password when you first turn it on. After that, if you just log out, the phone unlock thing works.

I never use the phone unlock because I do not want my son to be able to unlock my computer just by putting the phone next to the computer. So, I have never tried that feature to confirm if it works that way.

Well I would say PIN unlock might be the way to go then. Even Windows 10 has that and I find it very useful. My work enforces password changes every two months, but the PIN stays the same and I can remember the long PIN

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I never use the pin unlock on a windows PC, but my son does on his. So, I am familiar with it.

I do not recall for sure, but I am not sure if Chrome offers that option… I do not remember seeing it.

The first link I shared seems to suggest it does, activated using Chrome flags. I don’t know how old the article is. I don’t actually have a Chromebook (decent Chromebooks are lacking in Australia) so can’t say if it works or not.

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Yes, you are correct - I was on a phone earlier when I replied. I see it now. I was not familiar with that, since I have never been interested in using a PIN… Learn something new every day. I am keeping the password log in, personally. But yes, maybe that will solve his issue. Good job.

Thanks for the tip about pin code @Pommster will have to look for that the next time I boot into the ChromeOS partition. If I can login easier I might use it more.