Google Location Issues

I am in the United States. I have had my Google account since 2004. About two years ago I started to receive support emails from various companies (Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Spotify) in Portuguese. I tried to place orders online with Privacy, Harrys, Spotify and they all say that I am not in the United States.

I have checked my location settings in Google and it is set to US. I have selected English as my language for email. I have even changed my search settings from current region to United States.

I have a strong password, two factor auth and location settings turned on. I have never logged into my account from Brazil.

I am not using a VPN and my IP address shows that I am in the United States.

Does anybody have any clue what could be causing this issue or how to fix?

Side note…there is somebody in Brazil with a similar name that sometimes will suggest a password reset but has never logged in. From time to time I receive emails for him (bank statements, CC bills, college grades, airline tickets). I think he is giving people my email address by mistake but not sure how that would update my location to Brazil if he has never been able to login to my account.

I know it would be easier to just start fresh but this issue is really bugging me and I want to find the solution…if there is one.

Does this always happen in one place, like home or office? I ask because public IP addresses actually have two locations associated with them - the geographical location of where it is in service (your house or office, for example) and the location of the owner of the IP addresses. I have come across this issue as we have public IP’s registered to a California address that we deploy across the US.

The web site you visit determine which of those two locations they use - the geographical location or the registration location. Something to consider, probably a long shot, but I have experienced this. Maybe check your public IP’s registration online.


I appreciate the feedback. I just checked my public IP and it is associated with Comcast in Mount Laurel NJ and my personal IP is showing Seattle WA. It happens on my home computer regardless of which browser I use and it happens on my phone when I am logged into my Google account regardless of where I’m at with my phone.

I forgot to mention that if I log out of my Google account and login to another Google account I have then I do not have the same issues…it is just on this account that the problem is occuring.

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Probably not it, but can’t hurt looking.
In Google Maps, look for Your Places under the hamburger menu icon.

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Yeah…I tried that too but thanks for the idea! My Mom said “just call Google”. It took me a few minutes to stop laughing.

Well, here’s a weird thing that happened to me, which may be relevant to you. If you can see my username here, you could probably guess my email address. (Please don’t send me email. :wink: ) A lot of people mistakenly give out my email address as theirs… Pricilla Holder is the worst… she uses my email as hers at least once a week. (I have no clue what her actual email is.) Anyway, at one point I somehow got Google to auto-add my email address with someone else’s name. (There is a feature where it will add email addresses to your contacts if you ever contact them.) All of a sudden Google started calling me by this other person’s name!! I deleted that contact (and turned off that feature) and the problem stopped. So give a check through your contacts for anything funky.

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Thanks for the idea. Did not find anything unusual in contacts. I appreciate the idea though!

Buried in Google Chrome is a Search Location setting. Sounds like you may have already checked this. Took me almost 20 minutes to find it using the Google App on my iPhone.

May sound pretty useless, but you might check the Search Location setting under Manage your Account/Privacy and Security again. I found an extra language (Norwegian, which I do not know) in mine, removed it, and saved the setting. Later, went back in on another device through the Google Assistant app, and found it still there.

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