Frustration with ads and "pandemotions"

I am developing a real hatred for otherwise respectable brands trying to promote themselves during the pandemic. Maybe the ads are specific to Canada, but I suspect others are seeing them as well.

Some of the worst are from car companies and fast food joints. GM seems to be the dumbest.

GM is offering free OnStar emergency services and 3G of data. Like WTF GM… people are supposed to be staying home, and NOT driving their cars. This feels to me like they had to come up with a zero cost “do something” promotion. They have to have the agents to answer the calls anyway, and they know almost no one will be taking advantage of this, so why not pretend like it’s an awesome freebie.

Toyota advertising about distancing while servicing your car? I’m pretty sure anyone that needs service will seek it, but there seems no need to drum up business for over-priced dealer servicing in these times where people are struggling simply to make ends meet.

Or some cult advertising on the TV. Seriously… does CBC have no mores what-so-ever that they’d accept an ad from someone pushing a book about his cult??


I seriously haven’t watched live TV for weeks, at least not channels that run ads, so can’t say what the ads are like in Australia (annoying at the best of times) and most of the ads I see online don’t have a lot to do with the pandemic.

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No these companies are doing these new ads in the United States as well, it is really stupid. I’m getting annoyed with it also. Your not alone.

I agree. We all know we’re in a massive predicament. I’m tired of the daily reminders via advertising.
Of course, Leo’s advertisers aren’t adverse to this either. I’m still trying to figure out expressvpn’s push for needing their service while working from home. The only VPN I can see needing to work from home is the one provided by your employer to access the internal network (or whatever approved method they use). Same for RemotePC. Installing that software in a corporate environment would most likely run afoul of many security rules that could lead to termination. Note, I have nothing against these advertisers or their products (I use RemotePC myself on a fully paid subscription), just the way they are using the pandemic to advertise.

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I’ve not really noticed any change to advertising in Germany, but I rarely watch the ads, my wife usually shouts “WERBUNG!” (adverts!) when they start up and we change channels until they are over.

I don’t run an ad-blocker in my browser, but around 2,5 million tracking sites are automatically blocked by my DNS server and advertising sites can’t run scripts (only display static text and images), so I don’t see much in the way of adverts.

Most companies do it, they try to highlight how they are taking their responsibility of protecting their employees seriously and that they are ethical.

Although it is annoying, sometimes I find it reassuring that the people who are providing a service to me, i.e a supermarket is actually taking measures so their products do not come to me infected with the virus.

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The Bride and I were talking about these adds also. We are so sick :mask: of them.Thank God for Britbox. Also we nicknamed the CBC and CTV the plaque and death channels. We also limit ourselves to at most 1hr of the news a day 1 for the PM 2 the Premier and 3 the weather