RemotePC ad on TTG

Leo, please know that I have no disrespect to the advertisers, but I feel I need to make a comment regarding the verbiage of the RemotePC ad. Just to point out I am a happy RemotePC user myself and have been using it since they first advertising on your show (and I now pay full price for the product).

I feel that the verbiage urging people to install RemotePC on their work PCs in case of pandemic is an invitation to users to bypass their company’s IT policies. I work for an IT VAR, and we specialize in security and remote access (as well as cloud). I know in our own company, anyone found doing this would have an issue. The same is true for most of our customers. I can tell you that we have multiple customers right now contacting us regarding a pandemic plan. The companies we partner with have put together offerings for this so that customers can quickly and inexpensively bump up their resources to support more people working from home.

Most larger companies already have approved remote access solutions for their users. While a good product, RemotePC would bypass these solutions and possibly introduce additional security concerns for a larger corporation.

Again, I am a happy RemotePC user. I use it to access my own systems when I am on the road. I’m just concerned that the verbiage being used in the ads could lead people to do things that might get them in trouble. I know that the verbiage is coming from RemotePC and that’s why you use it. But I’m hoping that with your relationship with them, you might be able to come up with some better wording.

Thank you for listening.


Well said, I completely agree with you. Hopefully, @Leo or someone else from the TWiT Team will take a look at this.


Yes, at every company I’ve ever worked for, that would be a case for instant dismissal. Installing unauthorized software is a disciplinary offence, installing something that would allow remote access would have you flying out the door Axel Foley style…

As @AaronK says, most companies will have a solution in place already. If they don’t, there is nothing to stop users recommending RemotePC, but I’d strongly advise not to install it without permission.


Same at my company, where I am an Admin. These programs, although useful, have the potential to sail right through the company’s firewall and policies. It’s best to check with your IT department so that they can provide company approved access.


I’ve been a member of this community since it began. I didn’t just open an account to post this.

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