YouTube advertising gone bezerk?

I don’t know if anyone else has seen this, but the number of adverts in videos seems to have markedly increased in the last couple of weeks.

Before, the videos would have maybe 3 or 4 adverts over a 20 minute video. Now, it seems that you get an advert every 2 - 3 minutes!

I watched a video this morning (posted in March 2020), it was 12 minutes long and (if I hadn’t skipped them), there were 49 minutes of adverts in it! Some adverts were appearing 30 seconds apart.

The adverts seem to be getting longer as well, 40 minutes of those 49 minutes were just 1 advert, played twice. It is 19:49 long! Sorry, wtf? How can an advert be nearly twice as long as the video you are watching?


Yea, I have noticed more ads too… And, the pop up offering me their paid TV service comes up a lot more often as well.


No big surprise here. So this coming when the subscription model started. Drown them in adds until they subscribe!

Its having the opposite effect on me, I’m so sick of it, I’m thinking of just stopping watching YouTube.

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Have you considered getting a Youtube Premium subscription? It’s a great way to get rid of the ads and support creators at the same time.


@big_D @listener I go back and forth regularly between wanting to subscribe just to get rid of the dumb ads, and wanting to quit because of the increasing ad load and constant full-screen takeovers asking me to subscribe. I like the content, I like the creators, I just don’t like the platform or its parent company. I wish I could pay content creators directly (a la Patreon) and enjoy their content ad-free.


Don’t forget TWIT shows can be Chromecast direct from the TWIT website.

As long as Youtube is censoring content (information from doctors about Covid and other issues) that honestly, should not be removed… I won’t give them a dime…

I listen to twit in the car or walking the dog.

These were biographies and history channels.

Is it possible that the source of the content you are watching can increase the level of ads they’re willing to allow, in hopes that they can also increase the amount of monetization share they receive? Since there are ad blocking extensions (uBlock Origin) and even crowdsourced inline sponsor skip extensions (SponsorBlock for YouTube) I don’t think YouTube will be viable longer term. YouTube will ramp up their ads and users will become more and more motivated to switch to ad blocking/removing and the tools will only get better.

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If you have a Roku, there are the 2 new Twit apps for it that pull straight from Twit and not the tube.

I seldom watch YouTube any longer - I basically just follow Rene Ritchie’s channel these days

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A good channel to follow :slight_smile:


I’m a prem sub so I haven’t seen this myself, but my parents did mention something about it. Gotta pay those server costs somehow I suppose.

I have no problem with that and a couple of adverts every 15 minutes, but turning a 12 minutes video into over an hour’s worth of watching is taking the Michael.


Link please (without a link it’s a claim with no evidence)

I can’t find the right one, but this one had the same sort of advertising every couple of minutes, sometimes less and I keep getting an advert for a charity in America, clean water, that runs for 20 minutes and that was shown 4 times during this video

I think the default split for adds in YouTube Studio are very close together, but a creator can space them out how they want (fewer ads, less money I guess).

I’m assuming you mean the ad runs for 20 seconds? I am playing the video right now on an incognito window as I have YouTube Premium. Just got the first ad at 5:40 and it was a 5 second ad for Google Nest Hub Max.

EDIT: 2nd ad at 22:25 and lasted 3 seconds (can’t remember what it was for!); 3rd ad break at 28:05 - two ads lasting 11 seconds total; and that’s it apart from a 6 second Chromebook ad after the video finished.

Well if you’re being targeted with ads, you’re not going to be able to compare now are you, unless you’re both older white British men who are expats… oh wait… :smiley: :smiley: Just kidding of course… but you know what I mean… ad buys change over time as well as the targeting, so it’s going to be hard to reproduce anything.

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