Drive thru Corona tests

A town in Germany has set up drive thru Corona virus tests. You find in, a sample is taken from the nose and you get the results in 12-24 hours…

It seems that South Korea also does this.

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I have read that the tests are not valid unless you show symptoms. So, hopefully only sick people are doing it

That has just started in Australia now:

Needs a GP referral.

I saw something like that in China! It was a practice drill where the driver becomes irate after they tried to check his temperature. He jumped out of the car and they caught his head in a pool-skimmer kinda net thing. I just about fell out of my chair laughing

From what I understood on the news segment last night, those with cold symptoms can drive through and get a test. Then they know whether they have a common cold, allergy, 'flu or COVID-19 and whether they need to quarantine themselves or just ride out the cold, take antihistamen etc.

It seemed to be run by the Malteser, or at least they had volunteers who were making the tests. I’m guessing the samples were then sent off to the lab in batches for testing.

Started in Scotland:

From what I’ve read the problem is not validity of the test it’s a severe shortage of the kits in the USA and the high cost of testing that are why no tests are done on people without symptoms.

The original CDC test kits were botched leading to incorrect results so those test kits were withdrawn. The corrected test kits work very well but are in very short supply ATM and very few laboratories are currently capable of carrying out the test.

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I thought I read that until you show symptoms, there is no point in doing the test

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Also in Wolverhampton UK. To get tested you have to have been screened with NHS professional via tge NHS 111 service AKA free healthcare via phone :slight_smile: