Covid-19 transmission explainer

Here is an excerpt from Good Day Internet (extended Patreon version of Daily Tech News Show) with Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane and Dr. Kiki Sanford (posted to the main DTNS feed). It’s a good explainer about transmission of COVID-19, other viruses and how they mutate.


Oh, brother. I guess this American woman didn’t watch that!

The 26 year-old American woman had been on holiday in Greece. Upon her return, she was showing symptoms and had herself tested. Whilst she was waiting for the results, she went out partying in bars and pubs (Kneipentour = Pubcrawl) throughout Garmish Partenkirschen… Infecting a lot of people in the process.

She is also a so-called superspreader, meaning she carries more of the virus in her mouth than most people. It looks like she has infected at least 24 people.

The authorities are currently looking at the situation, she could receive a heavy fine (2,000€, $2,370), for breaking the quarantine regulations. She could also, theoretically, face a charge of actual bodily harm for each infected person.


The fines are now up to 25,000€, because she knew she was ill and still ran around infecting people.

Do you mean the fines?

Yes, bloody autocorrect. Autocorrect and mild dyslexia is not a good combination.


I figured that is what ya meant. Auto correct can be a pain sometimes :slight_smile:

LOL hate autocorrect!

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I prefer the German version:

Der Erfinder von Autokorrekt ist ein Erdloch und sollte sich ins Knie fugen.
(The man who invented Autocorrect is an Earth-hole and should go grout his knee.)

The proper translation for those not easily offended:

Earth-hole: well, you can guess which earthy body cavity is miss typed there…
Grout his knee: Ins Knee ficken (f’ yourself in your knee) is the German equivalent of “go f’ yourself”, so the f-word is replaced by fugen (to grout something)

(to the mods, if the spoilered description is too graphic for the forums, please feel free to remove this post, I don’t want to offend, just a bit of education.

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