Coronavirus lockdown may cause the country to run out of beer, soda, and

This is interesting - how so many things are interconnected. This still doesn’t effect me, since I don’t drink soda or alcohol. But, I imagine some people will be unhappy soon.

Who could have imagined how everything is interconnected like it is…

If that is the worse things that happens to me due to COVID-19 I’ll be quite happy.

As much as I like beer, I can live happily with out it. Plus whisky seems to be unaffected:)


I don’t drink coffee. A Coke Zero with my lunch gets me going with caffiene. I’ve already seen some bare shelves. I’m worried!

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What have you heard to about coffee? Should I be stocking up?

Beer I can do with out. No coffee… well I don’t want to think about it.


It could affect pork and bacon supplies as well. Modern slaughter houses use a CO2 bath to knock out the pigs before they are slaughtered.

The CO2 is heavier than air, so the gas is pushed into a tank or bath and the pigs ushered onto the platform, which sinks into the bath, until the pigs “fall asleep”, then they are pulled up on the other side to be killed.

It is considered the most humane approach at the current time, because the CO2 gets into the lungs and the lack of oxygen causes hypoxia, which in turn makes the animal sleepy and then unconcious, with little of no side effects. The same happens with humans or pretty much any other normal animal. There is no supposedly no pain and no stress for the animal, whereas if they are just lined up in a row and have their throats slit, there is a lot of stress from the noise of those dying, which causes stress hormones to be released into the flesh, which is also detrimental to the taste of the meat.

Unlike the slow hypoxia that the Apollo 13 mission suffered, which caused them jitters, hallucinations and the inability to concentrate, as they were slowly poisoned, until they managed to get the filter jury-rigged, the CO2 bath acts quickly and they animals are unconcious within a couple of minutes.

We stopped drinking carbonated drinks regularly about 3 years ago. We mainly had a Sodastream at home for carbonating water, to drink fizzy water or Apfelschorle (Apple juice spritzer). In the meantime, we drink still water from the tap and the Apfelschorle with just tap water.

The carbonation was causing me stomach problems and excessive burping and farting…

We probably drink a glass of Mio Mio Cola every couple of months and a single beer every few weeks, that is about the limit of our carbonated drinks.

Consider the source.


Interesting chart. I’ve never heard of about 2/3 of the sites listed.

Well, you should follow your own advice about “the source” - specifically your chart…


As I have said many times before, I didn’t join this forum to discuss politics. But, I could say a lot…

The group that put that chart together is a known left wing organization and is not known for being truthful at all…

And, that is all I am going to say about that… Lets get back on topic please.

I really don’t want to discuss politics here either. And clearly we’re not going to agree on anything.

But your source article contains no actual journalism and it (along with the parent site) are spinning a dangerous narrative that the lockdown is bad and needs to end.

The Reuters article referenced in your linked article did the actual work of presenting facts and quotes from the industry, and is much less hyperbolic.

Beer may lose its fizz as CO2 supplies go flat during pandemic

Well, that’s just, like, my opinion, man.

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Fear Not about the Beer! Drink more Scrimshaw We will make more! NCBC is still brewing. We have stopped filling kegs due to all the bars being in lockdown. We are bottling still , so drink up and be merry!

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Well as merry as you can be on Zoom …

Co2 is stil being delivered here so far.

well the source of that story is Reuters and a quick search shows that beer will not be affected because in the brewing process it produces CO2, and most CO2 is made from industrial process, this will give you more info