SN 758: The SMBGhost Fiasco

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From what I can understand about Corona symptoms, my wife and I had this from Thanksgiving to late December 2019. After the initial week or two of general sickness, had a cough which would not go away. Sought out Urgent Care and got treated when it seemed evident that we were not getting better. Like Steve, I would welcome an antibodies test to confirm or deny my strong suspicions.

I should probably keep my mouth shut; these could be famous last words, but I have experienced NONE of the constant Windows 10 complaints that others are suffering. I’m on Insider 2004 Slow Ring. Zero problems. Just sayin’. So the rants get a bit old, but I’m wondering why only certain people are being impacted.

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The problem is, SAR-CoV-2 has symptoms from a common cold through to a severe flu. Given the spread of it over time, I would think it more likely that you had one of the seasonal flu strains. It isn’t impossible, that you had it before the initial infection hot-spot in Wuhan at the end of November, but is fairly unlikely. Not trying to belittle your illness, just a bit of perspective. :wink:

Anyway, I wish you, @leo, Steve and all TWiT employees and fans a safe passage through this crisis.


Here is an interesting blurb about testing for antibodies.
Coronavirus Panic Questioned by Stanford M.D.

10-minute coronavirus (COVID-19) test in Garden Grove, California
However, one of the video comments presents an interesting counter-argument. See the second response under video comments.