F1 - Australian GP without Ferrari?

In in two minds about this. Doesn’t seem fair on Ferrari if the race goes ahead without them - they would be at a points disadvantage. Then again, there will be a lot of fans out in Melbourne to see the race; but then again, an iconic team may be missing.

Their concerns seem to be that they want to know I’m advance, whether they will face quarantine. Sounds reasonable.

Personally I’d like to see the health checks done, before they leave, not when they arrive… At least you are close to family and friends, if there is a problem.

Sounds like if Ferrari don’t come, that will be 4 teams either not racing or only there in a limited capacity.

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I agree about checks - needs to be done. As for quarantine, the first race is two weeks away so quarantine is probably not doable (I don’t think Australia has a travel ban from Italy yet).

I don’t know how contained the cases are in Italy. Maybe if the team members are fairly isolated from now to the first race and monitored it will be okay.

Of course Alpha Tauri is the other Italian team that may be affected.

Glad I’m not responsible for F1’s logistics, especially for this upcoming season. Layering on different localities’ health screening procedures will make it even crazier.

Yes, but Sauber and another team also gets its technical support from Ferrari, if they aren’t there, they won’t have the support they need to either race or be competitive.

Italy has started quarantening areas where there is infection. Ferrari has stopped visits to its facilities and only essential meetings with Scudaria. They have pretty much isolated themselves as much as possible to try and stop them being infected.