Do you attend fan conventions?

I was at Gallifrey One (a Doctor Who convention in Los Angeles) this past weekend. Jason Snell was there and Shannon Morse and Russell Holly even cosplayed!

It made me wonder if any other TWiT Whovians were at that con or what other fan conventions we might all meet up at.

If you’re looking for fan conventions near you, I’ve been running for a long time and you can find them listed there.


I do not because they are too crowded.

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I’m not much on large crowds and I really don’t get the appeal of cosplay (I don’t even like Halloween cosplay.) However I did go to ZapCon in Phoenix last year to play pinball on real machines. The downside of the event was it was so crowded it was really hard to get a chance to play much.

I think I get a bit intimidated Not much going on here in Adelaide anyway.

I have gone in the past. I went to a lot in the 1990s. A few years ago, I went to one to do Adrian Paul’s Sword Experience. Getting sword lessons from The Highlander. How cool was that. He signs the wooden sword after, and you keep it.

I only go for people I always wanted to see.

I also met Sam Jones from Flash Gordon, and Joe Flannigan from Star Gate Atlantis. And years ago, Kelly Hu (she was in Nash Bridges, Martial Law and Xmen - what a cutie).

I collect autographs, so that is why I still sometimes go. Only for a specific person. I no longer go to check out the con. I go for the 1 person and leave usually

San Diego Comic Con is definitely too crowded as are a number of others, but there’s also a lot out there with attendance under 10,000…or even under 1,000. I used to go to one frequently with an attendance of around 300 or 400 and enjoyed it very much…and even met my wife there back in 2004!

…but only if enough people want to see me :grin:

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I attended a ComicCon once when it come to Charlotte. I am not big on Cons.

I went to Comicon in San Diego years ago and it was so much fun. But, I’m older and arthritic now and the crowds are usually so large…I’ve given up. Yes, there are smaller venues but usually held in smaller buildings so it’s still crowded!

I actually wish I had gone to more conventions when I was able to. Now, however, I just enjoy them online. I was never into autographs or meeting stars, just the atmosphere of like minded people. If you’re really into something, it’s a blast to meet and hang out with like minded folks.