Commercial vs OS software

How would compare Gimp and Dark Table in quality to PS and LR?

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Depends on who you ask. I know just as many that hate LR or love LR.

I’d recommend darktable as a usable option for most. Or even Snapseed. I’m locked and happy in the Adobe ecosystem. LR ain’t perfect, but does what I need it to do.

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I used to use the Adobe suite but when I made the switch to Linux, I was a little discouraged that I had to learn a similar but different suite and I slowed down a bit. I am getting that bug again and so far the OS options are working fine.

I like Snapseed and VSCO on mobile but I’ll use other apps for specific feature sets if I need them.

I tried Darkroom as I switched to Linux, but in the end, I went back to CaptureOne on Windows. Once thing I didn’t like about Darkroom was that it spammed my folders full of cache and thumbnail files. CO and LR keep them in their own working folders, they don’t spam your picture folders.

When looking at the photos on a phone and only every 2nd or 3rd file in the cloud folder provides a picture, it can be frustrating to scroll through everything.

I’ve only ever used Darktable for my raw editing on desktop, but watching HOP made me curious as to how much I’m missing out by not going with commercial software. Maybe one of these days I’ll send an email to the show asking to edit one of my photos, so I can compare what Ant does to it to what I did.

Or better yet, maybe we can have a regular raw editing threads alongside the photo threads? That way we can compare notes as to how we ended up doing each others’ photos with whatever software we used.

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That would be cool. One thing that is wild is that I stepped away from real shooting for a few years and just the other day I hear people raving about the Affinity suite. Looking at the pictures of it, it seems pretty capable and from the comments on YouTube, a lot of people left Adobe (especially hobbyist) after the moved to the subscription model. Most sited that it wasnt worth the money as a hobbyist.


I left Adobe products when the subscription plans started as I am a light user and the pricing was nowhere near justifiable for my use case. I was used to the Photoshop way of doing things so Gimp was a learning curve and certain things seemed much more difficult to do.

I found a halfway house of using a well hidden Adobe software option called Adobe Elements, which you can purchase outright. The only two products are Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements(Video editor). They are missing some features of the full products but were suitable for my use.

I then transitioned to Linux and moved entirely to Gimp and Kdenlive after a short try with OpenShot.

The software I really like and I still use is the discontinued Google Picasa for most of my use cases. It has great organization and photo optimization settings with sliders for easily applying effects. Run via Wine on Linux . Anything more involved and Gimp is used.

I feel that OS software has really improved but it also maybe in part that I am now familiar with using them too.


Affinity is legit. It’s really close to Photoshop. I have it.


How about you start a thread for editing a photo? Could be a cool learning opportunity for the community. Of course there will be difference of opinions, but that’s art.


That’s a great idea. I think I’ll do that. I’ve seen so many people do cool things with stuff some people call inferior. I would like to see what some people are working on. Thanks for the idea!

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