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I am taking on photography as a hobby so I am really glad to see TWIT and Ant Pruitt focusing on beginners. One of the things I have always been curious about is the fact that in photography people only talk about the Adobe products - particularly Photoshop.

Could I get some help to understand what is not so right with GIMP?


Don’t know the answer to your question but thanks to you I’m going try it out. :fist_right:


I tried GIMP once or twice, but did not care for it. However - I do have Photoshop. Granted, it is a very old version - 5.5. But, it does everything I need. And, I already spent time figuring out how to use it.

Now, with Chrome - I used the Pixlr extension. It works almost like Photoshop, and it is free. So, no learning curve really

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Its hard to use and that is no one source on how to use it…


As someone who has only used Photoshop 1 a great many years ago, I recall that Photoshop is not that easy for someone without training or experience to master either. I suspect that any sufficiently powerful tool is hard to use at first. Never tried Gimp though, because all the editing I ever do is crop and resize and most of that can be handled with Paint.NET for me. Get Paint.NET

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Lot of good answers here. Yes, GIMP is totally fine and usable, but like with any app, there is a learning curve. I tried GIMP a few years ago and struggled because a lot of it “looks” like Photoshop, yet none of my keyboard shortcuts would work. There are plugins to help me with that, but I didn’t have time to fight with configuration. Wasn’t worth it for me. I agree regarding Pixlr. It’s quite nice. When I started, I used Pixlr, Snapseed and Picasa quite a bit. But when I decided to add video, motion graphics and audio to my toolbox, Adobe was the way for me to go. And it has worked FOR ME because I can seamlessly hop between those apps while working. Not to mention, the organization and integration of Lightroom and Photoshop. Thanks again for your support. Hope this has answered your question…