Listener Feedback 11/21/2019 recording

Have any questions for the FOP panelists? Ask them here. I’m looking forward to hanging out with my man Woolz and tomorrow’s guest host.


Ant, with all this hoopla about PS for the iPad, do you ever think that would be your main way of editing? Would it even replace a laptop? Not for me. LR is perfect and good enough. If i’ve got to push and punish pixels it’s gonna be on that big desktop. Old dog - No new tricks :wink:

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I definitely will not have an iPad’s version of Photoshop replace my rig, either. Don’t get me wrong, if some of the features such as curves, filters, and additional adjustment layers come thru, I’ll gladly use it in a pinch or on the couch as leisure. But not as a replacement. I’m with ya, old dog. Lol! I’m one, too. Lol at “punish pixels”. I’ve used this on my regular iPad and I like it for what it offers at the moment, but it’s not an edit bay replacement.

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