Canon EOS M50 problems with Mac Mini (M1)

I have just tried to connect my Camera to the Mac it the Camera just freezes up and the Mac does not recognise the camera. Have tried installing all the Canon software still no joy. The camera works fine on a Windows machine and the camera mounts so I can copy over images.

I don’t know if this is an issue with the M1 Mac or whether I am doing something wrong to connect a camera up to it as I haven’t had a Mac and a camera before.

Can anyone help?

Can you see it in Image Capture (in the Applications folder)? My Nikon doesn’t show as a mounted drive, but you can see it in the app.

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Thanks! I didn’t know about the Image Capture app. It is working now, but the camera was just freezing earlier. I have no idea why it has just suddenly started working!

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