M1 and virtual backgrounds

I screwed up earlier this year and bought the cheap Mac mini, since I didn’t really need a fast machine for what I was doing. I didn’t realize the i3 chip is not compatible with Zoom or WebEx virtual backgrounds. I’m going to upgrade to a new mini. Anyone know if M1 is compatible? Or should I buy the i5 or i7 version?


The Zoom requirements page says 8 cores or more for the processor, but for the reason why it asks for those cores, the M1 might be seen as a 4 core processor. I think it’s too early to know one way or the other.

Wow, Teams on Windows just needs anything newer than Sandy Bridge, works fine on our i3 Dells and Lenovos. What the heck are Zoom doing that needs 8 cores?!?!

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WebEx requires the same - i5 or higher or 8 cores for non-Intel.

And I thought that Teams was lardy, bloated app.

@Arunmurthy, I’m running Zoom on M1 Macbook Air without any virtual background issues. I use a green screen, but haven’t noticed any problems so far.

mmhmm has been ported to the M1, as well. It had some issues with Zoom (and Skype) backgrounds early on, but I think Phil said it’s working now.

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Here’s a link in case you’d didn’t know that @Leo was referring to one (because of the “mmmm” creative app name :wink: ) https://www.mmhmm.app/


Thanks. I’m trying to avoid a green screen.

Thanks PHolder. I was part of the mmhmm beta, so I do have it. I need to dive in and see if it will work well with my existing Mac mini.

@Arunmurthy, without the green screen, I am seeing undesirable artifacts using the default zoom virtual background still images with M1 Macbook Air.

This might help.