iPhone Camera App - iOS 13.2 Beta 3 Issues

Hello Lovely People,

I thought, if anywhere on the net would be a friendly and helpful place where others are running beta version of software, this would be it!

I’m trying to decide if I’m having a software issue with the camera app on my iPhone 11 Pro Max or if there might be a hardware issue.

My Camera app is having frequent delays, blank screens, delays in switching between lenses, and a couple crashes. Photos and videos when things are working appear fine. The issues are intermittent. I’m strongly suspecting it’s just software, but nowhere else on the internet have I been able to find anyone else listing any of these issues so I’m hoping someone here could share your experience and thoughts.

I’ve been running the beta since 13.2 Beta one, which was fine, issues started roughly around updating to Beta two and have continued into Beta 3.

I would wife and reinstall the phone if it wasn’t for the eSIM which requires a visit to the Telco and it’s a really annoying Telco to work with, so trying to avoid this.



Have to ask what to me is the basic question. Have you reported the problems via Feedback? In the past, I have raised some issues, and on at least 2 occasions, got a message that the problem was being addressed in an upcoming update.
I’m on 13.2 beta, and a quick check of camera functions goes well. Got an update 2 days ago, think it was Beta 3, but not sure how to tell.

Thanks for the reply! Yes I have submitted the issue, along with a video example. No response yet.