M1 Mac Mini first impressions

Received my new M1 Mac Mini late yesterday afternoon and I’m really liking it. It has been ten years since I’ve had a Mac so it’s taking a little getting used to - I have remapped the Windows and alt keys on my Logitech keyboard to better reflect a Mac keyboard layout.

I’m a big OneDrive user and I had huge issues with the version on the Mac app store. I ended up downloading the Office installer from Microsoft, signed up for beta, installed it along with the OneDrive included with that package and all is working fine, even though OneDrive still seems to be an Intel application.

Anyway, I’m pretty impressed with it so far. I still have a fair amount of customisation with applications to do yet.


Yeh, I’m pretty honked off at Apple, I spent $4000 (Australian) for a spec’d up 2020 MBPro 6 months ago. Got a 2020 M1 MBAir two weeks ago, and it is running rings around an Intel Pro that cost twice as much.

But that’s life, Apple has really made every existing Intel laptop an endangered species.

When 12 and 16 core versions arrive in the next year or so, I would not want to be a Windows OEM.