Bluetooth keyboard loses connection to iPad Pro

I have a 12.9 6th generation iPad Pro with the latest iOS. I’ve connected it to the Bluetooth keyboard shown below. After 20 minutes or so the Bluetooth keyboard disconnects and I have to toggle it’s on/off switch to reconnect.
Is there a Bluetooth timeout connection in the iPad’s settings that I haven’t found yet? Or do you think it’s a problem with the keyboard?

Is it happening while you using the keyboard? I can see where it might go into a power saving mode if unused.

It doesn’t happen when I’m using the keyboard. I guess it’s just a keyboard function to drop Bluetooth after inactivity.

It does look like a feature. Says this on the Amazon listing…

‘and the bluetooth will automatic shut down if without any operations within ten minutes,too. It is the power saving design.’


Most Bluetooth keyboards go to sleep after a while, although it usually only take a key tap to wake them back up. This generally means that you need to press a key, wait for the reconnect, then continue typing. Anything typed during the wake up and reconnect phase will generally be lost - depending on the keyboard, some will buffer, but cheaper units will often just drop them.

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Thanks for all of your responses! I guess it pays to read a bit more…