IOS 14 issue with Safari

Suppose I’m watching twit on safari, then I open another tab and open a site mentioned on twit, after 30 seconds, phone shuts down, spinning cog appears, phone is back on, and safari is still on twit site, but it resets position so I have to scrub to the last point watched.

Anyone else having this issue?
iPhone 11PRO

Didn’t you know? @Leo and TWiT are on Apple’s blacklist! :rofl:

On a serious note, I’ve not heard anything yet on this issue.

I’ve found another scenario.
Again I’m watching twit on safari, I swipe up and get the Home Screen and twit stops. Pull down control panel and press play, twit restarts in background, open Instagram, 10 seconds later iPhone reboots, twit is back at the beginning.
I have 11Pro and I think the camera is awful inside, even in daylight, it’s so noisy.
I’m not upgrading next time I’m going SE.
I’ll pay £400 for a lousy camera not £1000.
I’ll use my Sony A6000 in future

Is it a full phone reboot or a “re-spring” where just the UI resets? If it’s just a re-spring, then it’s a software bug of some kind. If the whole phone is actually rebooting then your battery is dying or the phone is overheating or both.

I think it’s a “re spring” as it’s quick and no apple logo.

Not had any spontaneous restarts or crashes for iOS 14 on my iPhone 11. The only things I’ve had is sometimes I’m stuck on one page on the Home Screen, not not being able to swipe left or right. And widgets disappearing and reappearing.

no issues on my iPhone XR, 11 ProMax or iPad Pro 11", MacBook Pro or MacBook Air