Ipad weirdness! Any ideas?

I hope I’m in the right section…
My first gen iPad Pro is doing a few weird things since iOS 13. In the photo below I’m in safari and clicked on a forum thread. The name of the thread stays on the screen until I touch the interface.

See the thread title circles in yellow. This happens in other forums as well. It isn’t just TWIT!

Problem number two is it periodically freezes or gets really slow for a minute or two…then it catches up and is fine. Don’tcha hate issues that come and go?

I’d take it into an Apple store if it gets worse and I have to as the nearest store is 1 1/2 hrs drive for me. I have powered down and back up several times. It helps the slowdowns and does nothing for the thread names persisting on the next screen. Any ideas to further my troubleshooting? Thanks in advance!

With such an aged machine, it could easily be simply down to speed of the hardware and bloat of the web these days. My iPod 6, for example, is so slow as to seem buggy if I didn’t know better from experience that it’s just that slow.

As far as interface bugs, sometimes this Discourse interface does weird stuff like pop the draft message pane halfway up the screen, but its’s all short-lived. I’d imagine the fairly mild bug you describe is simply a compatibility oversight with Safari’s iPad OS implementation, at the moment (not that it doesn’t deserve to be fixed, just that I wouldn’t blame your iPad; a similar bug elsewhere in other forums seems perfectly plausible without, again, being a fault of your iPad itself, per se).


While the iPad is going on three years old, it is a pro machine and still plenty zippy otherwise.

I, too, am thinking it’s a bug in either iOS or Discourse. Neither problem is enough to have me buy a new one just yet…unless I really want an excuse this Christmas? :joy:

Luckily, the freeze ups are very rare and the persistent thread title goes away as soon as I tap the screen. I was just hoping there was something I wasn’t thinking of to troubleshoot the problems or maybe someone else has had this problem.

Thanks for the response! I hate it when I can’t figure out an issue!

Noticed you are hotspotting. Any chance your slowdowns are related to that? You did say a power cycle helps with slowdowns. My experience with hotspotting is it can be a bit unreliable at times, requiring cycling connection at both ends (device you are hotspotting from, and device you are actively using).


I think iPadOS 13 defaults to desktop mode in Safari. Do the glitches go away if you switch to mobile mode (or whatever it is called)? Or in a different browser or the Discourse Hub app?


Have you tried doing a hard reset? Not sure if the original iPad Pro has a home button or not, but holding it and the on/off button down simultaneously (until the Apple logo appears) while turning on the device kind of reboots everything. It’s helped me when things get a bit glitchy and a simple restart doesn’t seem to help. (If you don’t have a home button, there’s another way to do it, I just don’t know the exact steps.)

That may be! I’ve never had these problems before and have been using this hotspot from T-Mobile for about three years as well. I don’t know if that’s oof for a hot spot device or not.:thinking:.

I’ll try that. I usually never use mobile view…just don’t like it but it’s a good troubleshooting step. Thanks!

Yes, I have done that several times and it does seem to fix the slowdowns. I might just call Apple and see what they say. If they request I do a wipe and reinstall, I’d have to be desperate to do that. It’s really a pain. I’m also going to see what may be running in the background. I do periodically make sure I’ve closed all old programs and I know Apple is pretty good with managing their behavior but sometimes…

Thanks for the help! You’ve all been great! :heart::heart::heart:

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