Lid closed but bluetooth still connects

My Bluetooth headset is sometimes used on MacBook Air Catalina and sometimes on iPhone 11. By design, when I turn the headset on, it connects to both iPhone and MacBook Air even when the MacBook lid is closed which pushes my OCD button. Apparently there was a great, now discontinued, app ControlPlane that intuitively provided action items for OnCloseLid and OnOpenLid. Looking for solution compatible with Catalina. Thank you.

I bet your mac is in sleep mode when the lid is closed…

@waxman80014 Even more reason BT should not connect when lid is closed?

BT is sill active even when the mac is asleep…

@waxman80014 Yes, that is to allow for BT keyboards and mice ability to wake the computer. I don’t want to turn BT off, I just want to disconnect specific paired device.

I keep hearing about Apple shortcuts… is that an iOS thing or a Mac thing? If it’s a Mac thing, then it sounds like the right way to solve an automation problem like this. Perhaps @mikahsargent or @matthewcassinelli knows the answer to? (They do the Smart Tech Today show about such automation.)

Both iOS and macOS however I was convinced relating to keyboard shortcuts, Siri, hot keys, and routines like our old day MSDOS batch files.

Thanks @sawgrass, your post reminded me about a news story concerning bluetooth beacons. which reminded me that I wanted to do some more research on it. I just spent the last hour on it, thanks.