Suggestions for a mail app for iOS

When I upgraded to iOS 13, they changed the map app. The bottom of the mail used to have a folder and I could quickly tap that and move the email to a folder. Now, EVERYTHING seems to be under the Reply arrow and this means I tap that, have to scroll up a bit, and then tap the Move to Folder. And by doing this, where is so much wasted space next to the trash and reply buttons! Seems like a dumb design idea.

So, anyone have any suggestions for a good mail app and the reason for using it? I tried Outlook and like it but it doesn’t let me move an email from one account to another (I have two email accounts and like to move all emails for purchases to one folder.)


I quite like Spark, although I don’t use it currently as I have pared down my email accounts. Currently I use Outlook (also a very good choice) and Gmail app, mainly to more adequately separate my work and personal email.

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Leo’s recommendations of Canary Mail have me very interested for its integrated GPG implementation, but I have yet to take the plunge. I’m not 100% sure I trust it to generate private keys locally, when Keybase, for example, refuse to do so.

GMail is my mainstay because its search is just so dang good, and its implementation of tags IMO beats the pants off Mail’s or any folder-based system.

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I made the switch to Canary after Leo’s suggestion. Once I got used to the layout I have thoroughly enjoyed, and with the added security is a bonus.

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