macOS mail clients

I don’t know if I’m an odd user but I find that I like the stock Mail app. It’s simple. Wondering what you all might be using other than Mail as I’d like to try something else with a few more features. So far I’ve tried a few of the main stream ones that try to wipe your butt for you and nothing has really struck me as worth changing to.
Before you ask I’m not sure what features I’m looking for haha :slight_smile:

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I use the stock mail app, never had a use for anything else

I use Kiwi for Gmail. It gives me the look of Gmail with some added features.

I’ll give it a try thanks

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This might make a good Hands-On-Mac. After trying many apps I’ve settled on Mailmate. It’s not elegant or pretty - it’s an old-school email tool, and a powerful one at that.

I particularly like its support for GPG/SMIME signing and encryption and strong support for text email. It doesn’t support templates as fully as the open-source Claws-Mail, alas. I use Claws on Linux and Windows, but it’s not well-suited to the Mac.

A big key to email handling, for me, is using a good IMAP server (in my case, Fastmail) and handling most filtering server-side. That way everything is the same on every system I use. I spent a lot of time tuning my IMAP folder structure and filtering to work for me. That’s time well spent.

Thanks Leo I’ll give it a try. I also agree, that would be an interesting HOM

I use the stock mail app. It works well enough. Would love a HoM on mail mate though

I do agree with @Leo that having mail filters run serverside is very useful.

I actually like gmail’s handling of IMAP, though it does have some quirks, this might be because I have spent a lot of time figuring out the quirks and making them work for me… or because I am a little odd. Either way it works well for me.