BBC recording items with mobile phone

I know @Leo has mulled the possibility of doing items using only a phone as the camera / recorder, so I thought this tweet might be of interest: BBC’s tech reporter doing a piece on whether 5G is ready for prime time yet (spoiler: it’s not) which was recorded solely on a phone. The photos were taken while he was checking reception on a Huawei 5G extender for domestic use, hence the surroundings.

The whole piece is here, but is probably restricted to people “in the UK”. Good test for Express VPN. :wink:

Oh btw because he’s Welsh, the pronunciation of the first part of his name is not what you might think. An approximation would be “Keghlan”, where the “gh” is softer than “g”, harder than “f”. Apologies to anyone from Wales if I mangled it.

Even better than the above items, a link in the page for the video piece goes to the cameraman’s blog about recording on mobile: