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more outlook trouble. which outlook? I am now hearing about yet another outlook coming down the pike…
in any case, a missing window of messages is definitely of concern. A couple thoughts on ways to make sure more of your email is available on your computer:

  • can we still use pop3 and tell outlook to remove from the server?
  • offline mode is supposed to sync up to ‘all’ of your mail with local system (many mail clients have a similar window setting for ordinary times to improve performance)

(as always, your instantiation of “outlook” may vary)

my approach when I used perpetual outlook 2016 was to drag all mail I wanted to retain into an offline folder hierarchy so they didn’t get considered “abandoned” on the server and keep only a small working set online. of course a large OST file has its risks too.

for the NC machine, I wonder if there are usb and video ports on the device. if so, and they are active, perhaps they could be connected to a LAN-type KVM device for another variety of remote access.

A viewer had called in about not being able to get the full bandwidth of his new gigabit connection on his iPhone 12 Pro over WiFi. Leo and his co-host thought it wasn’t possible as there’s possibly some hardware type of limitation restricting full bandwidth usage over WiFi. They went on to show the speeds they were able to get in studio. The limitation is actually just a setting in the WiFi router 5G radio band.

A little tweak and you should get speeds like mine below on an iPhone 12 Pro.

Interesting. What is the setting?

Don’t know if Micah’s comments about the iPhone’s Private Wi-Fi Address settings in terms of internet speed is opening a can of worms or opening Pandora’s box.

Further exploring came up with some other “surprises” being provided by Apple.

  1. Under Wi-Fi settings “i” is Private Wi-Fi Address on iPhone
  2. Under iCloud settings is Private Relay (Beta) on iPhone and Mac
  3. Under iCloud settings is Hide My Email on iPhone
  4. Under Network on Mac Preferences is Limit IP Address Tracking

Probably need Steve Gibson to weigh in, because it’s too complicated for me.

Use of these settings is hurting my head. Some result in ipv4 and ipv6 addresses related to server in large major city (Sydney), or just local ipv4 address located at home. Some affect Safari only, others affect all browsers. Some affect wi-fi only, others affect wi-fi and mobile data. And the Hide my Email is related to specific apps that I don’t remember configuring to something I have no idea about.

And, some affect data speed.

So we now have an Apple provided VPN by default. And since it affects data speed, who is responsible if speed is below what ISP advertises?

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OP posted this twice, second post is here:

Looking at the WiFi capability’s for the iPhone’s here

Looks like you’d need a WiFi 6 router/AP set for 80 MHz channel width and be close enough to get the highest PHY data rate to get that sort of speed.

Based on my experience with a WiFi 5 AP at 80 MHz you can get a little over 500 Mbit and about half that at 40 MHz on an iPhone. They are mostly limited in speed by only having 2 antennas/supporting 2 spatial streams.