TTG 1730 for Sunday 20 September 2020

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Can @Leo provide winning lotto numbers between 22 Sep - 30 Sep, as TWIT appears to have added a time machine function to studio. TTG episode 1730 for 30 September 2020 broadcast on 20 Sep 2020.


Oops. Looks like a typo. I’ll get it fixed. Thanks!


just curious… When callers ask about improving cellular service, you often recommend getting a device (Example:AT&T Microcell). Is there a reason you don’t recommend enabling the Wi-Fi Calling feature available on most current cell phones? I believe this feature basically transfers calls to Wi-Fi and provides the same function as the AT&T Microcell? We have terrible towers, in our service area, and this seems to eliminate the problem without any additional equipment.

The microcell works for all users and all services, including texting. Wi-fi calling has to be supported in the phone and must be turned on. Otherwise, you’re right - the end result would be the same. For calls.


I am just now getting to this episode, and when I saw the text with the date in my player… I knew there was an issue because today is only the 28th… No way it can be Sept 30 :slight_smile:

Was it this show or the last that Leo mentioned he switched his Zoom video to HD. Tried finding this info and was not able to . Any links on how to do this? Does it require the paid version?

I think you’d better call Leo and bother him on air.