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Not every conversation has to be about TWiT. We’re all geeks here, so nerd out!

So, once in awhile when using tech, I get these “Aha” moments. Something unexpected happens, and it actually is useful. Probably most folks on this forum would already have seen or used what surprises me, but I have to figure others also have such moments. Think there could be a category for that?

I just experienced such a moment. Was getting ready to create a bookmark for TWIT Community in Brave and Chrome. Creating a bookmark sometimes is a challenge because I forget which icon on the URL line creates them. But, now on the URL line on Brave and Chrome (and the new Chromium based Edge?), I see a little + sign in a circle at the far right.
When I click on it, it gives me the option to install an app for TWIT Community (is it really and App?).
No idea what this means, but accept. It literally creates an app in the User level Applications folder on my Mac (not the Library level Applications folder). If I click on it, it opens the browser, and goes directly to the TWIT Community webpage.

Now, I create a lot of bookmarks, but always forget they exist, so most of the time I spend minutes chasing the correct website and logging in. And my bookmarks folder is full of 10 year old bookmarks. But, I do use Launchpad (five finger scrunch) to open apps all the time. So I moved the TWIT app from the User Applications folder to the Library level folder, and, Aha, I can get to the TWIT community from my home page.

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That’s a PWA - progressive web app - the thing Paul and I are always waxing on about on Windows Weekly.

In general, Categories are for big things. For “ahas” create a topic.

There should be a Maker tag added to the Tech Talk topic.

Done! Thanks for the suggestion!