April Android Update Stuck on Preparing Update

Hello everybody :slight_smile:

The April update is out, but for me it’s stuck on “Preparing Update.” It’s been that way all night… Anyone else see the same thing? Does anyone know of anything I can do about it?

@JasonHowell @ronxo @ohthatflo

It’s not showed up on my Galaxy S20+ yet, which is unusual, they are usually there by the 5th, but we have just had a long weekend, so it will probably arrive in the next couple of days.

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My phone has not gotten updated since November last year, so at least you got the last 5 updates.

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Well, looks like it might be fixed, I hope! The fix involved turning off Wi-Fi just long enough for an error message to come up in place of the Update screen, and when I turned Wi-Fi back on, the update started downloading.

There’s a matrix in the glitch ™ :wink: