Twitter app problems on Samsung S20 FE

Any ideas on this one? Twitter only works on WiFi. No connection on mobile data, but all other apps on the phone are fine?

I’ve reinstalled, cleared data/cache, reset network settings, there’s no data saver option turned on.

Samsung/Twitter/mobile provider no help. Works fine with the SIM in another Android :thinking:

Sorry, can’t help, but I’ve had it running on my S20+ since February without any problems.

Have you tried resetting the phone?

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Yeah, that’s my next step. Weird, just the one app not working. I created this post in Firefox using mobile data, while Twitter was complaining it couldn’t load Tweets. I’ll have plenty of time to play with the phone - just been announced we’re going into hard lockdown again on Boxing Day :roll_eyes:

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You didn’t some how manage to decline its permission to access the cellular network? I don’t know how persistent such settings are when you remove the app… One would expect them to go away, but then again, you just never know.

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I’m having similar problems today as well @Jamze, glad it’s not just me.

I’m also a UK android user.

Odd. Been happening for me since I got this phone. Checked the app permissions, all look OK, has the network ones.

Mine seems to be ok now but it’s been struggling to refresh all day.

Mine now seems fixed by Android 11. Some preference hidden away that’s been overwritten maybe.

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