Samsung releases Android 11 for S20

Just a quick note to @JasonHowell, @ohthatflo & @ronxo

I got the December 1st Security update for my S20+ yesterday (Exynos version, carrier free, in Germany) and it came with an early Chrimbo present, an upgrade to Android 11 was bundled in with the patches.


Good news. Been looking out for the update for the Qualcomm S20 FE, although I’ve already had the December security patch. Tab S7 is next year according to this.

I have an unlocked S20 (Snapdragon) lying around the house and no update yet! I wonder if putting a SIM card in it would make any difference. It hasn’t had one in it in months.

I think so. I believe the final push thru for updates come from the carrier (no SIM). No carrier, probably no update…

Although the phone is unlocked and theoretically can be updated if it is carrier free, it isn’t necessarily the case, sometimes the update checks to see which carrier is being used, in order to ensure the right services are being added. If there is no SIM, it can’t check.

I had that problem with my Hauwei. I swapped from congstar (T-Mobile subsidiary) to Vodafone and it didn’t get updates the first 2 months. I swapped a T-Mobile SIM in from my company phone and it immediately downloaded the missing updates. After swapping the Vodafone SIM back in, it worked fine, but, for some reason the swap had blocked the initial updates after the swap for some reason, even though the phone was unlocked.

And yet I have a WiFi-only Tab S7 that seems to find its updates fine, no carrier involved :thinking: Perhaps it’s as simple as a carrier has to approve an update just in case it breaks something specific to their network. Switching SIMs gets around that.

It isn’t a smart phone…


Yes, as stated - it isn’t a phone. It is a tablet. I have had a Samsung tablet previously as well.

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I put my SIM card in the S20 and no update. I subsequently read T-Mobile paused their updates for some problem (don’t remember what it is).

That was kinda my point. The carrier still has the say on if you get a release. How motivated are they to test/OK older phones when they’d rather sell you a new plan with a new phone?

Shame there isn’t an app (AFAIK) that grabs you any update Samsung has pushed out on their servers. Some ex-Cyanogen folks did this for OnePlus, so you could always get the latest Android release available independant of your carrier.

Android 11/One UI 3.0 arrived on the S20 FE this evening :+1:t2:

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