Security Patch status repo?

Is there any resource that is tracking “latest security patch version” for phones? I feel like this is one of the more important (though, not usually cared about) things when I say a phone stays updated (not necessarily latest OS update). I feel this is a better indicator on support OEMs give for their phones. We get vague statements, but I have not seen much follow up. And OEMs don’t really all publish this it seems.

Most have been curious given I’m not sure I’ll go Pixel for my next upgrade. I want to know who’s been keeping up. Oneplus seems to still have their Oneplus 5 scheduled for patches (but dunno where they are today). Nokia sounds good, but a lot of complaints that the patches aren’t great. Samsung… I think has been ok on the S line, but it depends if you have a carrier or unlocked (US perspective here)?

i usually check here at the Android Security Bulletin and the links within.

Leo always says that Google releases an update every month. And, then it is up to the phone manufacturer and the carrier to approve things and push it out.

Not much you can do but keep manually checking for updates… You can at least see the date on your lats update as well.

Samsung has gotten much better - they used to be about 3 months behind. But, I got the last update about 3 weeks after it came out. Hopefully, they keep it up.

My S8 is unlocked, and I use ATT

That is a nice link, I see that LG is still putting out updates for the G6, but it is just T-Mo that has decided to not push them out. The last they did was January 2019.
I see why Ting has decided to drop them and switch to Verizon next year.

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I’ve seen this, but it’s missing companies (seemingly Chinese ones now that I look closer) for instance. And I was more wondering if there was a compiled/analyzed resource I’ve missed (e.g, All 2017 phones list and how freq each OEM updated, against 2018/2019 phones). Samsung’s info seems nice (tho, unlcear how carrier vs purchased unlocked goes, as online people say unlocked gets screwed in the US). Moto’s, on the other hand, sits in the vague area (hence wondering history of device to gauge).

Wishful thinking I guess, but figured I’d ask.

My LG Rebel 4 ( Oreo ) on Tracfone surprised me with several security updates ; to date 10/13/19.
Tracfone who would have thought !

Someone mentioned the LG Bridge software over on the Ting forum, so posting results here as well.
Installed it and connected the wife’s phone, but it said it no updates available. Guess it will not install updates if the carrier has not authorized them.
May have to switch carriers just to update the phone. :crazy_face:
Mint Mobile is not an option, looks like they use T-Mo also.