Anyone else getting creative to get stuff?

I am having my local grocery store deliver groceries to my door, so I do not have to go anywhere. But, they are out of so many things…

Thankfully, I was able to foresee this real early, and I bought a lot of stuff. But, I now wonder that this could go on another 1-2 months (already been over a month before I grabbed everything)… In a few more weeks, I will be running out of soap, dishwasher soap, laundry soap, hand wipes… And, you can’t get any of that locally at any of our stores. All sold out…

I have a few orders on Amazon, which will EVENTUALLY get filled. I went ahead and ordered it, just so they would eventually get to my order.

But, I just had UPS deliver a large box of dishwasher PODS from Office Depot, of all places. I ordered that on Monday. Not bad getting it that fast. Yesterday, I got some hand wipes Fed-exed from a Baby supply website.

If ya really want something, ya gotta scour the web and look at unusual places sometimes.

I’ve got laundry detergent coming in another 1-2 weeks.

It’s like this stuff is gold…

I also had to get water delivery to my residence for now, because it’s so difficult to get that locally as well. Now, I am fixed for water. All these things get skipped from the grocery delivery because they don’t have it.

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I just go out my back door to get a few things. Sour Hickory tree leaves are the best TP from the wild, only half dried one. Lot of wild life in the woods behind my home, shouldn’t go hungry. Water in the streams and enough fallen wood to use to boil it.


Excellent ideas. Thanks for sharing.
So far, here in western WI the store shelves are pretty well stocked.

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All the stores have pretty much everything at the moment.

The hardest things to get are yeast for bread making, toilet rolls are limited to 1 packet per customer, so we when we do our weekly shop, we get a new packet to replace the one the family has used up and we have the usual 2 spares (before the crisis, we’d always have 2 - 3 packs, that hasn’t changed, just the quality, last week there was only one pack of cheap 2-ply, the week before a luxury brand, both times I managed to get the absolute last pack in the shop).

We just shop normally at the moment, fresh meat, fruit and vegetables for the next few days - it doesn’t make sense to buy much more as it will go off, before we can eat it.


Several things on my grocery order that was delivered to my door yesterday was missing. No eggs, no chicken, no rice, no bread rolls (they didn’t have them). And, the delivery driver forgot to give me my groundmeat. I have another order coming next week, so I will add it to that. I had to call the store about a refund on the meat.

Going to get worse. A friend even noticed Amazon is now stopping international orders from Sounds like they may be busier or shutting down.