A tale of Instacart and bananas

Bless you all the Instacart delivery drivers. You keep us old folks from having to visit the grocery. However, the best designed app UI, can’t stop human error.

First try… Wow this is great. I got all my groceries, and I didn’t have to cruise the aisles with the masses. Wait, what? I put 1 for the quantities of bananas. You guessed it, 1 banana. I see how this works. The app does say “each”, so I guess it’s my fault. OK, cool.

Second try… I got it now. I want 5 bananas. You guessed it, I am freezing 5 bunches of bananas I can hopefully use later for cooking. Somehow, I blame technology.


Maybe it was in pounds? and that first banana was really dense? :smiley:


ha ha lol
that was great! you win the internet both of you


A lady thought she was ordering 40 rolls Toilet paper. Got 40 cases. Now they ar worth a fortune!

I placed my first Instacart order this morning. It should arrive Saturday afternoon. Prices are quite a bit higher than they would be from Publix than if I were physically picking them up, but right now I’m happy to pay the premium.

In my case, they gave themselves several days to deliver, but always came the same day.