Any Formula 1 Fans? USGP 11/3!

Any other F1 fans out there? Looking forward to the Japanese GP tonight!

Qualifying starts in about 10 minutes. Going to be neat to have qualy and race within a few hours of each other.

I’m thinking Hamilton and Mercedes will have this one locked down, but feel free to chime in with any predictions.


Merc seems to have made up the aero gap with their upgraded sidepods, and Japan doesn’t really have the super straights that Ferrari needs to stretch their legs.

I think think the only real question at the top is if Merc will close out the constructors this week or next.

Still… I love this track… and in the wet it’s going to get interesting!

– Shame to see Gasly out, but he’s been spiraling since he lost his seat with the A-Team.


Suzuka circuit is one of the best track out there. Just wishing there are more competitive teams at the top. Been following for years, and one of the more interesting year was when Jenson Button won the championship.

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The Ferraris are really fast, hopefully, their race pace is good and has got their strategies sorted out. I want to see a good fight.
Btw the McLaren has been really fast the second half of the season, I haven’t been following them, so anyone knows what has contributed to their surge?

Watching Johnny Herbert and Damon Hill do the grid walk right now. Miss Martin Brundle though.

Kinda funny seeing them so silver :man_white_haired::man_white_haired:, it’s been a while. :grin:

Face palm time I think…

What a race! Fantastic to see Hamilton v. Vettel on the final laps. However, I kind of thought they should have left Hamilton out on the mediums to try and defend P1.

Ricciardo managed to get up to P7 as well, what a drive from the rear.

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Mexico GP predictions anyone? Will Bottas falter and give Hamilton the championship? Watching FP2 now, they’re hitting 220+ mph on the straights!

I’m late to F1. Used to watch it in the '90s. Started back again this season because of the Netflix doc. Then I relocated to NorCal. Now it’s crazy hard to watch a race on Sundays. I’ve missed all races since 9/1. :frowning:

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It’s tough. I pretty much turn off all social media on Sundays until I watch the replay on the F1TV Pro service. USGP down in Texas this weekend tho. Go Haas!

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I usually catch the races live, despite most races starting at 10:40pm for me. Have been a dedicated F1 watcher since the late 1980s.

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New regulations and car specs have been formalized for 2021. Pretty cool design imho


F1 site…2021

The renders look very sleek. Hoping they’re able to sort the issues the current wings cause so we get closer racing. Been a life-long fan. Was put off a bit a few years ago when I met a former Williams team member, and he was describing all the engine politics that go on i.e. team A tells team B to turn their engine down, 'cos they’re doing too well :-1:t2:

Loved that Netflix series too, can’t wait for this years one with all the Haas/Rich Energy nonsense and Guenther Steiner blowing his top :grinning:

Think @IainT is a fan too from his tweets.

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I’m happy with the reintroduction of ground effect in F1 and the bigger wheel rims. Will reserve judgement on the rest. I have hated the tiny little flaps and wings that have sprouted on F1 cars over the years. I also hope that not too many parts are standardised. I don’t want F1 turning into a stock series.

Looking forward to US GP this weekend (actually Monday morning for me).

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I’m not but I have wanted to get into it. I’ve never liked NASCAR lol

but after the Netflix Doc and I also started playing GRID Autosport I have wanted to start watching…not that I need yet another sport to follow lol

I’ve never really even played a racing SIM before but GRID is fantastic, and the F1 mode is my favorite. I was playing and I was like “jesus these guys are insane this must be the craziest sport to actually participate in”. It made me want to start following.

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I haven’t tried GRID, will have to add that one to my list!

Some of the physical forces these guys are subjected to during the course of a race are incredible. And when you realize they’re not just driving a car, but operating steering wheel mounted controls changing engine maps and brake balance and calculating race strategy it’s all the more incredible. IMO the sport pays dividends upon time invested to understand the minutiae.

McLaren’s 2021 render :+1:t2: They’ve lost the wheel covers already :joy:

What’s everyone’s favourite F1 car ever then? Mine are…

Lotus 79, peak Colin Chapman, ground effect

Williams ‘Red 5’ FW14B, peak Newey, all the tech

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Definitely Red 5. That was an immense car.

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Someone bought it this year for £2.7M didn’t they? Hope it gets used rather than disappearing into a private collection.