The construction behind the F1 in Vegas

Hey @Leo, it’s not that exciting of a video, being about construction, and all, but it might be interesting to you to know what they did to get ready for your visit :wink:

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According to this article from Ars Technica it was pretty spectacular. I think The Sphere animating in the background must have made it seem almost like a racing video game.

I was a total skeptic, and I was sure I’d been proven right after that first practice session. But WOW I think that was one of the best races of the year!

Classic Max spearing competitors off the track, Alpine teammates tangling with one another, Hamilton daring to go off line for multiple outside passes, and then Checo losing out once again in the final turn on the final lap - albeit this time to a Ferrari. Lando Norris has now crashed out at both inaugural US grands prix that he’s participated in. Better hope they don’t add a fourth race somewhere for his sake XD

I felt that the visuals of Las Vegas really did add something to the race. There is a specific camera that F1 added this year on certain cars, a wider angled lens on a slight gimble, that provided a sense of speed I’ve never felt before when combined with the almost alien visuals of the Vegas strip. Some of the views of cars passing the sphere were surreal, especially when the top of the sphere faded to black and was nearly indistinguishable from the night sky.

There were certainly challenges to the weekend that F1 will need to address, but as a hardcore fan, I feel that they’ve added something special and unique to the calendar that we can look forward to in the future.