Formula 1 - 2022

So, all ready for this weekend? I see we have a Google car now. Merc sandbagging as usual? RB look v. strong, good to see most of the teams looking more competitive so have no idea how Sunday will play out - which is great. Fingers crossed for my local team (Williams, Grove).

‘Google’s McLaren sponsorship puts the Android robot and Chrome wheels on its 2022 F1 car’

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They’re all driving the same engine now right? And capped for expenditures? Should make for a MUCH more competitive season.

No, no changes to engine regs. Same 1.6-litre turbo-hybrids, same manufacturers, although RB are picking up development of the Honda, Alfa now make their own gearbox.

Changes for this year are larger front wheels, and a shift from relying on wings to ground-effect to produce downforce, which in theory should mean less disturbed air behind the cars → closer racing because the following cars don’t have their downforce disturbed. We’ll see…

Plus various other aerodynamic tweaks like wheel covers and winglets on the front wheels all to clean up the airflow.

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Great to see a different spread of cars performing and a different driver on pole too. Looking forward to a good race tomorrow :+1:t3:

The results of last year’s championship really turned me off the sport over the winter. Just finished the Netflix docu series, revisiting that last race was pretty lame. I’m not even a massive Hamilton fan, just the way that championship was decided seemed so wrong.

Regardless, I am interested to see how the reg changes shake up the field. Seems like the power unit manufacturers have closed the gap on Merc finally. Hoping the aero changes make good and allow closer battles. Nice to see LeClerc on pole with Ferrari. Maybe my passion for the sport will be rekindled on Sunday.

Agreed. Some people I know have given up, I noticed Father Robert saying he’s finished with F1 now after AD.

No, not the same engine, but the spec is frozen until the new engine regulations in 2026. The power unit designs are homologated and no significant development can be made (apart for reliability). Teams’ Cost cap is $145m, which will reduce in subsequent years. This does not include driver salaries. There is a reverse scale for wind tunnel and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) usage - the championship team will have the least wind tunnel and CFD time, and the lowest team will have the most.

Bigger wheels and return of ground-effect were two things on my wish list that are now in F1. The third - active suspension doesn’t look like it will ever return with the cost cap. Would be the technological way of solving the porpoising problem. I loved the Williams cars from the early 1990s - so high tech (for the time)!

There have been several moments like this in F1, to be honest, since I started watching F1 in the late 1980s. The controversy will pass.


Ok, just watched the Sunday race. Spoiler tagging my thoughts for those who haven’t watched yet.

If the battles between Leclerc and Verstappen, Magnussen/Guanyu etc are any indication of what the season will look like, it would seem F1’s aero changes have been quite successful. Thoroughly entertaining to watch. The drivers were able to battle long enough for one of them to make a mistake (Verstappen locked up and flat spotted) and determine the outcome, rather than tire deg or cooling being the deciding factor.

Also seems as though the changes have sufficiently flummoxed engineers for the time being - another positive for the fans. Mercedes unable to get their car low enough to sufficiently reduce drag, and Red Bull seemingly lowering their car too much, which I suspect was a major contribution to their double retirement.

So cool to see Haas deep in the points again! amazing what can happen when you have an actual racing driver behind the wheel. I suspect Schumacher would have done much better if Ocon hadn’t spun him early on. Ocon got off light with 5 seconds.

Imagine my surprise when they decided to allow all lapped cars to pass the safety car during that late caution :roll_eyes:

Ferrari’s deep red looked absolutely gorgeous under those lights. Hope to see them more often up on the podium. LeClerc is the real deal, superb racecraft against Verstappen’s typical ham-handedness.


I really enjoyed it. going to be a great season I think.

Shame about Williams and McLaren, but early days. On the Red Bull failures, some tech folks are saying it’s a known fault with one of the low-pressure fuel pumps. It’s a spec part, same for all the teams and they inspected them all in parc fermé and swapped some of them out. Doesn’t explain why only the Red Bulls were impacted though.

Not sure who’s in the best position, Merc being over half a second off the pace or Red Bull with a (fixable?) fault.

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