Ferrari to confirm Vettel departure on Tuesday, German media claim

We didn’t see this coming, did we?

As an Aussie, I would like Ricciardo to have a chance in a decent car (though there are rumours that Ferrari’s car isn’t), but wouldn’t work as a number 2 driver.

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Seems like I saw a rumor for Daniel to replace Sainz

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Kind of felt it coming, ever since that crash at the '18 German GP. Still shocking though!

Really hoping for Ricciardo to get the seat, but like @ant_pruitt mentioned Sainz looking like a strong possibility. Several F1 pundits are talking about Ricciardo going after a McLaren seat, which supports Sainz to Ferrari. Ricciardo could do well at MCL considering they’ll be running the Merc PU soon.

I’ve always felt Ricciardo is a driver that can make the absolute most out of an aggressive chassis with his ultra-late braking and corner lunging style. RBR had that kind of chassis, Renault certainly didn’t have that, and I don’t necessarily feel like Ferrari does either, but McLaren might.

Regardless, it’s so refreshing to get a taste of the silly season!

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Also - the BBC published a great article summarizing Vettel’s decline which included possibly my favorite driver comparison chart ever:

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Well that was quick!

Quite early silly season …

What else is there to do when there’s no racing? :grinning:

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