The last race of the season!

Getting ready to watch the final race of the F1 season. Woke up after a four hour nap for that start of the race in an hour’s time :slight_smile:

It has been a very interesting season this year.

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I was traveling so missed it live. Caught the highlights, doesn’t seem like I missed much anyway. To be honest Abu Dhabi is not one of my favorite tracks.

Agree it’s been an interesting season. I think this might have been the final year of Mercedes constructor dominance as we see RBR and Ferrari starting to match pace and even overtake on certain circuits. Also, it seems Honda has been able to design the first hybrid-era power unit that doesn’t sound like lawn care equipment - quite a feat!

Most memorable race for the season? Mine is a tie between Germany and Brazil. Germany was just pandemonium with the skating rink on the final turn. So entertaining. And then Brazil with the Ferrari crash! Tensions between Leclerc and Vettel were rising all season and it was hugely fun to see it culminate in such a dynamic way. (edit) And of course Canada, because I was able to attend that one :slight_smile:

Next year will feel weird as we’ll all be anticipating the 2021 reg changes. Also some major driver contracts are ending next year - Hamilton at Mercedes and Vettel at Ferrari. Still really want Ricciardo at Ferrari!

There was a whole series of great races in the middle of the season.

I agree Mercedes will be facing more of a challenge next year. Will see whom will adapt to the new regulations the best in 2021.

Really wished the DRS fault lasted the whole race as the racing in the first 19 laps was better :grinning:

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Hearing the teams complain about it was pretty funny. I’ve always been on the opposite side of the DRS issue - I wish it was completely unrestricted, drivers could activate it whenever they want anywhere on a circuit. Active aerodynamics should be a part of the sport.

I just think DRS is too artificial, almost like Attack Mode in Formula E (Mario Kart anyone?). Cars should be able to follow without having to stall the wing.