AAA 537: Pixel Royale with Cheese

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Ron really cracked me up by saying the new flip phone could be had for $500. He was immediately jumped on by Flo and Jason. Ron countered by saying “I saw the ad on Facebook”. Like Flo said $500 would get you about half of the phone. Just shows how advertising can reel in the suckers.

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I just bought the Flip 3 for $349 - admittedly after a $650 trade-in of last year’s $1500 Fold 2, but it did make the purchase more palatable.


I’m very seriously considering the Flip 3 as well, even though I’m in a bit of an Apple lock-in at the moment with the phone, watch and laptop.

I really want those Pixel Foldable rumors to be true because I’d rather get something like that from Google.