This Samsung Folding Phone looks interesting

This upcoming Samsung folding phone looks much more interesting that that other one they released with the whole debacle that went along with it:

True, it isn’t something that folds out to make a tablet. But, it basically makes the phone 1/2 the size. I used to like my old flip phone. No accidental button pushing when closed…

What do ya’ll think?

I will not be buying one - at least not now. But, it is interesting to see something new… Provided it doesn’t have the problems of their last folding phone… I think we will see this concept grow - we are just at the start of it right now.


Yeah I liked my flip phone back in the day as well not so much worry of butt dials or dropping them back then.
But we basically gave that up for more functionality and touch screen, though that is starting to come back now in flip phones like the new Moto Razor.

It would be cool to have the best of both worlds but we will have to see how these things hold up.


I have absolutely zero desire for a folding screen device that unfolds into a tablet-sized display. Feels like a lame application, the easiest excuse to throw flexible OLED technology into a consumer device for a nice PR headline.

The clamshell fold ala the new Razr makes way more sense - you get the benefit of a much smaller pocket profile, a modicum of protection for the display, and you keep the standard form factor that most applications are designed for.


Well, a clamshell design is what this new phone is. That would be the only type of folding phone to interest me too


This one doesn’t seem to have a rear screen so I can imagine that would be a pain opening it and closing it all of the time to glance at the time or notifications. I suppose that’s where a wearable would come in be for me I prefer the design of the razr with its dual screens.

They’re all still to expensive anyway so I’m not buying any of them :laughing:

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I guess I’ll be the contrarian.

I much prefer a phone that unfolds to a tablet. Something nice and pocket-able, about the size of current phones, that unfolds into a large screen device. All the advantages of a tablet , but it fits in my pocket! I don’t need a smaller flip phone sizes device; current phones fit in my pockets just fine.

Of course the current crop of folding phones seem far too bleeding edge for me to consider.

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I prefer the phone/tablet combination too, but I’m not liking the foldable screens I’ve seen so far. I’d rather have the screen roll up (sometime way in the future I guess), or I like Microsoft’s approach of having 2 screens that interact. I’m looking forward to seeing if their version actually becomes a thing.


I have no preference, yet. I find it very interesting to watch. maybe one day i will see one that fills a need for me.


I did have a Motorola v66 for a while, but it was the phone I liked least. I started with the “Fox Mulder” Nokia 2110 and, although I flirted briefly with an Ericsson and the Motorola, I pretty much stuck with Nokia until smartphones came along, so I never really did the flip-phone thing. It felt kind of geeky to flip it open, but the actual phone was pretty poor, compared to the Nokias.

I have to say, I’ve never had butt-dial problems. But I was always security concious and always locked my phones before putting them away - or in the 90s clipping them on my belt, I either had a nubbin that fitted on the back of the case and clicked into a small holder on the belt or cases that pushed over the belt. Much more comfortable than putting it in a pocket.

The same today, I always make sure the phone is off and locked, before sticking it in my pocket or bag.

I find the folding screen interesting from a technical point of view, but in its current form, it isn’t something that will have me rushing out the door to get one, especially not at the prices they are currently at.

I still have an old LG flip phone I got at Verizon. For the past several years, I use it as an alarm clock.

My real alarm clock is so loud that I get a heart attack when it goes off. I use this old cell phone (left in airplane mode) - with the volume on the lowest setting. Since it is in airplane mode, the battery lasts for months. It stays on my night stand.

I liked that little flip phone (back when I used it), though. Much smaller in the pocket. And, the sound on a phonecall was VERY good compared to smart phones I have now.

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I love my iPhone 11 in it’s big Otterbox Defender case. Few moving parts to fail. I have zero desire to use a flip phone. My phone is in a leather holster on my belt, readily available, easily readable, and less fragile.