"Warbling/Gurgling" Sound on TWiT Live Feed when playing previously recorded content

For the last while I have noticed that there is a weirdness in the audio of the live feed when it is replaying previously recorded content. I don’t think I’ve ever noticed while listening to the feed when the first recording is being made (the actual live performance) it’s always on a subsequent replay. I am wondering if I am the only one who has this experience, or if others have noticed it? To me it reminds me a bit of the noises made by a very noisy HDD while seeking. It’s so distracting I just can’t watch such replayed content. It happens on my PC and also on Chromecast, so I don’t think it’s my actual device… It feels like some interaction in the codecs or something.

Please someone else tell me they’ve heard it too and that I am not going crazy. :dizzy_face:

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Well, I’m sorry not to be able to back you up, but I can’t recall ever having heard that effect. This is when the TWiT Live page is showing “Recorded Earlier” content, right? I just hopped over there now and it was playing a Dick De Bartolo pre-record which sounded fine. I’m normally playing the live stream on an iPad 2017, which is obviously a small device, but on which voices sound to have a good tonal range to me.

Maybe the best thing would be to update this thread with an “it’s doing it now” post when you hear it, and then whoever’s online at that time can jump on the stream and report back what they hear. I’m very conscious that being online 5-8 hrs later than the US, I may not be much help.

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Correction: the live page has moved on to playing yesterday’s The Tech Guy, and I’ve put on headphones. Now I can hear little intermittent clicks, pops and “bubbles” in the audio - is that what you’re hearing? It’s quite annoying on headphones, but as soon as I go back to the iPad speakers, I can’t hear it, probably because of the more limited tonal range of the iPad speakers.


We’ve always had weird audio issues with playback. In the past it was a synch problem. I’ll talk with the engineers. Thanks for letting us know.