TWiT Live or TWiT Live live?

TWiT live lately has become very confusing. O YouTube at least I am receiving two live feeds. One is “Live” The other is “Live, Live”. Neither is of course live but recordings. Except when program is at regular scheduled time when “Live, Live” is truly live.
Maybe what we need to do here is label as Feeds or Live.

Only one TWiT Live feed here on YouTube. Best think of it as a linear TV channel that shows reruns when there isn’t any new live content.

There is a video called TWiT Live though, at just over an hour and five minutes.

That’s YouTube’s fault as they save live streams when they end. There was obviously a break in the stream. Maybe @PDelahanty can go in and delete it as it does begin mid-stream in a “recorded earlier” segment.

On YouTube

Two separate Live Feeds

The first one is a live feed, with Live Now in red.

The second has a duration there so is a recording called TWiT Live. As I said, when a stream ends, YouTube saves the stream l and this one never changes. It says steamed 4 days ago so is not a live stream.

So there is actually only one live stream.

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