WW 875: A Lot of Neil Diamond

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Have to say, my experience with File Explorer in Win 11 has been awful. As with many web-based applications, the micro-latencies are extremely tiresome.

I’m super curious how the rebuilt Photos application will function. It’s one of those in-box programs that I constantly use without thinking about. It’s neat, simple and functional, so if they really screw it up it’s going to hurt.

Fun to see Richard in studio! I miss the days of a fully in-person roundtable discussion. I was lucky to catch one live at the old brickhouse many years ago.

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Even on Windows 10 it’s slow and has weird bugs. If I bring up my network and right click on a host I want to use remote access with, it is constantly refreshing the window and I cannot get the pop-up menu stay up long enough to click the necessary option. It’s similar to trying to copy a string out of Windows Update’s list of patches while it’s downloading… it seems to refresh for every update and clear the selection before I can manage to copy it. (Or else it eventually ends up in a mode where I can’t even do a selection at all.)

My solution for problems in Windows Explorer is to replace it with DirectoryOpus, which is not free. Despite the cost, it’s well worth it because it’s much faster, much more configurable, and much more capable in general.

To me the whole of Win 11 looks awful, so much so that I switched to Mac. If my Windows laptop hadn’t needed about £200 spending on it, and it wasn’t going to keep hounding me to switch to Windows 11 despite the processor being unsupported, I;d probably still be on Windows

If they gave us the Windows 2000 UI shell for Win 10/11 then I’d be happy. That was, I think, the best file explorer