WW 781: The Balloon Store

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Those wanting to test Windows 11 in the Insider program can use Virtualbox rather than making their whole system a beta test system. You have to do little registry editing as described by Oracle’s help site to get it to work. This worked for me last weekend, even while using an officially unsupported PC having 1st generation Ryzen processor.

Not loving the WW album art. The other ones look great. I hope when describing the show to Clutch there was mention of the show’s wit, humor, camaraderie, etc.


I agree. The Windows Weekly show art is probably the least unrepresentative show art that was released. I understand TWIT wanting to generate new and more professional art but felt like the art was almost portraying the show as a fighting show more than tech pundits who play devil’s advocate to each other. Either way still love the show and can’t wait to listen to each week’s episode.


I punched “child in balloon store” into that creepy ML image generator everyone’s on about.

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